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where we started

The Sapixel International Photography Contest was organised for the first time in 2011 by the Students’ Association from the Sapientia University, Cluj-Napoca. It has come a long way and has undergone several changes, all in order to present itself as a higher quality event every time for the applicants.

The need to organise the event is demonstrated by the series of entries from all over the world, from many continents and many more countries. 

Each edition of the competition concludes with a festive exhibition. Our last exhibition was held at the Tailors' Bastion in Cluj-Napoca, where the 50 best works were on display for 2 weeks. 

our mission

Sapixel is rooted in the need to make photography accessible for everyone. The main objective of Sapixel is to mobilise as many people as possible to showcase their work and those contribute to the enrichment of photographic culture.

From 2021, Sapixel is a little different, a little more. In addition to organising the event, it has become important for us to keep it alive beyond the competition interval.

We offer our applicants the opportunity to exhibit at our annual exhibition and at various events as opportunities arise. 

We monitor the work of our winners and would like to see their work reach a wider audience. 

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